Apr. 25th, 2011

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I took my car in today to have them replace the fan belt. This on the theory that the fan belt is slipping, and that's why my car engine is running hot.

Not quite. The fan belt is slipping because the water pump is leaking radiator fluid on it. Unfortunately, that's a much more expensive fix -- 1300.00 according to the dealership. They wanted to fix something else too. I could probably get the work done cheaper somewhere else, but I can't afford it right now anyway, so it looks like I'll continue to drive to and from work and not drive anywhere else if I can help it. No trips to Seattle.

I can probably afford to get it fixed next month. I get m yearly vacation bonus check, which I was hoping to be able to use on something fun like a new laptop. I get 3 weeks of vacation now so it's a bigger check than it used to be, and if I can find someone besides the dealer to fix my car for less money, then maybe I'll have money left over. We'll see.

Norwescon was fun. I bought a few things, I wrote a bit, I hung out. I took today off to recover, but mostly all I've done, aside from failing to get my car worked on, is to do some shopping, read a Fables novel, and play some City of Heroes. I'm going to go exercise now.


miko2: Ranma disguised as a schoolgirl to fool Ryoga (Default)

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