Dec. 23rd, 2011

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Yesterday was payday. It was also a fairly busy day at work. I tried to revise a CIS for Zesh during the slow periods in the afternoon, but there really were no slow periods, so I stayed a few minutes after work to finish it up. Then I went up to my credit union, and then over to Costco to get two flats of the Crystal Spring water that I like. I tried to look at Snapple too, but they're in Christmas mode, so all of the aisles where they normally sell pop/tea/juice were filled with other things like detergent and dog food. You could tell it was temporary because the pallets three and four rows up were still pop/tea/juice. Anyway I never did find out if they were actually selling pop anywhere, it wasn't that important anyway.

I got home about 5 PM. The present that I ordered on the 14th, that was supposed to be for our company gift exchange on the 21st, still hasn't arrived. :p In the gift exchange I opened up a lava lamp, which someone stole, then I think I opened up something else that someone stole, and I decided to steal an "executive charging station" which is a large wood structure built to place your iPod, IPhone, other phone, whatever in. There's 3 docking stations, and a 3 plug extension plugin, and it's kinda nice and cool but I don't know that I really need it. But at a gift exchange you take nice and cool over weird and useless.

My plan was to go up to Target and renew my subscription for one of the drugs I'm on. I take one every evening and last night I had one left. It was cold and foggy out and I was already tired after driving through holiday traffic, and it was already 5 PM, so I decided that I wasn't going to do it, I could wait until Friday evening. Then I gave in and went, because I knew it was a beetter idea. They might not have it in stock, and I had to give them new insurance information -- the last time, I gave them the wrong card, because I only had a card for my dental and vision and didn't realize it. I'd since requested a new card for my medical, so I knew I had the right card now, but there might be complications. And... there were. The card wouldn't work, they said they'd need to call my insurance so I'd have to wait until the next morning, and they also did not have enough of the drug in stock which meant wait until next morning. So it was a good thing I went last night.

In the meantime while wandering around the store waiting for them to figure all of this out, I came across the new DVD of the 6th season of Futurama, which I promptly bought as a present for myself. I already made the mistake of asking my parents for the Venture Brothers on DVD, which they probably can't find but which has prevented me from picking it up on sale at Fry's when I saw it there -- but there's virtually no chance of anyone having bought Futurama vol 6 for me, I didn't even know it was coming out myself. I picked up some Ivar's and went home and watched a couple of episodes.

I have to work today, but it's expected to be very dead. I was almost late to work because the route I normally take was completely blocked by some sort of accident, apparently (all I saw was a cop car blocking both lanes at the intersection, and no traffic coming from the other way either).

If I'm lucky I might get something written today once my work is done. Something besides this entry, I mean.


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