Jan. 6th, 2012

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So a few months ago I had Mike look at my computer after the video card began to act weird. But after blowing out the dust and taking up for Mike to look at, there weren't any problems, other than a little noise from the fan. Mike said it might be starting to fail anyway, and gave me a spare in case it did suddenly die... but everything's been fine since then.

Until last night. I logged into City of Heroes, and suddenly noticed that there wasn't any sound. Hmm. Well, I hadn't rebooted the computer in quite a while, and sometimes things just wig out until you reboot again. So I had the computer restart.

And... nothing. I mean, I got sound, but no video feed at all. Several reboots, blowing out dust, fiddling with the video plug -- still nothing.

So I pulled out that other video card that had been sitting on my bookshelf and plugged it in. Then I went through several rounds of installing things that weren't actually the video driver, then got the video driver installed, and everything looked great. So I fired up City of Heroes again -- and everything froze up.

Meh. Reboot again. Fire up City of Heroes again. Play is very choppy -- this is a good video card, but not quite as good as the one that died. I figure I may just have to live with it, and I'm worried that things will freeze up at any moment.

Then I join a team and forget about all of that. Right after I wind up with a bunch of friends speed running the Imperious Task Force, which is this week's "Weekly Task Force" with extra rewards. We finish in 38 minutes, decide to run again, and finish in 28 minutes. We run it again in only 22 minutes, and then a fourth time which takes 27 minutes. That was my evening.

I didn't really think about it until after, but the ITF is notorious for causing lag, and despite the earlier "choppiness" that I'd experienced, I noticed nothing at all during all those ITF runs. So the new video card seems to be working just fine.

Didn't really get anything else accomplished last night, aside from watching at least 3 more episodes of the Venture Bros. I'm just a few espisodes away from having watched everything. :/


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