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So the plan yesterday was to hit a few Half Price Book Stores in search of some Oz books to fill in my collection.

All of my 14 Baum Oz books are trade paperbacks published by Mundus that I bought from Half Price Books a few years ago cheap. Except that I'm apparently missing book 4, Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz. So my plan was to find one of those to match the rest of my set, and to find Trouble Under Oz by Sherwood Smith since that's a recent Oz book with a relatively wide publication, and to find any other Oz books that I don't already have.

At Half Price at the Crossroads Mall I found Trouble Under Oz, so that was good. I found one of the 14 Baum books in the Mundus trade paperback edition, but not the one I needed. That was all I found there. I ate lunch at the mall and watched a chess match between two older gentlemen using their large floor chess set (which is pretty cool, I have to admit). Then I headed to Redmond.

At Half Price in Redmond I didn't find any more Oz books but I did pick up two Baum fantasy books that I didn't have -- The Sea Fairies and Queen Zixi of Ix. Both books contain characters who he later places in Oz (albeit mostly in a vain attempt to get children to read his non-Oz books -- while he kind of invented the fantasy series, it wasn't because he actually wanted to keep writing more Oz books).

They had more of the Mundus trade paperback Oz books, but not Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. But I found a different publication of that book that I decided would do. Also, I picked up a large hardcover volume of the Wizard of Oz because it had very nice color illustrations in it (by Greg Hildebrant in fact) and because it was only $5.00.

After that I took a walk over to the British Pantry, bought some tea, and stopped at Whole Foods on the way back home. ^_^ I was planning to hit more than two Half Price bookstores, but I decided I'd mostly been successful in my hunt.


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