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Saturday Tom called and wanted to head up to a Steampunk Swap Meet in Seattle. I wanted to check out the Half Price Books warehouse sale, which I'd seen advertised in various Half Price Book Stores over the last month. I picked up Tom about 1 PM and we headed to Seattle.

We stopped first at the Half Price Books on Capitol first because I wasn't sure exactly where the warehouse sale was (Greenwood Ave not far from where we used to live, as it turned out). While there I found a whole bunch of CDs that I wanted to buy -- I spent money. :( I also finally found the trade paperback copy of Oz #4 Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz to match the rest of the set (which I bought from Half Price years ago for about $2.00 a book). But they wanted $15.00 for it! So I decided I could live without it, at that price. (It was also a bit used and worn.)

CDs bought included a double cd set from Rasputina (including 1816 the Year Without a Summer, my favorite song of theirs), Begin to Hope from Regina Spektor (I downloaded the song Samson several weeks ago and I'm addicted to it), a Visqueen cd and three Mates of State cds. Most of these were for $4 or $5 which is one of the reasons I bought so many. :p

The Steampunk sale was also on Capitol hill at a church. This was a small room that took me less than 15 minutes to wander around in, but it took Tom over an hour because everyone was a friend of his that he had to have a long conversation with. Ultimately I bought two mouse pads from Diana Vick that had fox women dressed in Victorian outfits -- one of them was for me, one of them was a potential gift.

We drove up to the Half Price warehouse sale where I bought a couple of manga, several videos, and several cds. CDs included the 2nd cd from Velvet Revolver and Them Crooked Vultures, both good blues/rock bands. Movies that I bought included Hedwig and the most recent Bond film. I also got a slow cooker cookbook; I didn't need it, but it has lots of nice color pictures in it. ^_^

Tom found a lot of movies but nothing he wanted to spend $3.00 on. (The CDs and manga were $1.00 each but the movies and hardcover books were $3.00). But they told us that on Sunday everything would be $1.00. We were there when they closed at 6 PM, and they opened again on Sunday at 9 AM. I wanted to come back because they had a lot of Ah! My Goddess manga, and I knew I was missing several volumes.

After that we hit my comic shop and then drove up to Chef At Wok, the Chinese restaurant that we used to eat at all the time. I got home at almost 9 PM.

Sunday I got up very early and drove up to pick up Tom again. We made it back up to the warehouse sale just after 9 AM when they opened. There were already a lot of people there. I found that if you were even slightly interested in buying something you needed to pick it up immediately. You could always put it back down later. ^_^

They had an even better deal if you were there after 2 PM -- you could fill an entire tote bag for $20.00. That would have saved Tom a lot of money -- but we didn't want to hang out for three more hours. Anyway, Tom bought all of the movies he'd looked at the day before, and a bunch of others besides, and I bought more movies than I really had a reason to but after all, they were only $1.00 each. I was only able to buy one of the three Ah! My Goddess manga that I had missing, but I found a few more cds for $1.00 each. The movies I bought included Wallace & Grommet, Stuart Little 2, Like Water For Chocolate, Lost in Translation, Spanglish, a concert video for Sarah McLaughlin, another Bond film, and a second copy of A Mighty Wind which I'm sure I can find a good home for. ^_^

After that we had a late breakfast at the Blue Star Cafe and Pub over on Stone Way and 45th, which I'd never been to but it is a fantastic place to eat! I had a verde sauce egg scramble with peppers, corn chips and mozarella cheese; Tom had bacon waffles. But they had a full page of just omelets and egg scrambles and served breakfast until 2:45 PM, and the service was fantastic -- the kind of place where you never saw the bottom of your drink because they'd take it away and bring a new one first.

I hung out with Tom until evening when we went and saw Rango at the cheap theater in Renton. We were surprised it was still showing, but Tom was right, it's a good film. But all of that meant that I got home at 9 PM again... so I pretty much did nothing but hang out with my ex roommate all weekend. :p
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