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I downloaded the song Samson by Regina Spektor a few weeks ago. I've been addicted to it since. It reminds me a lot of the kind of stuff Tori Amos did on Little Earthquakes.

The song plays with the Biblical story of Samson and Delila, but actually doesn't seem to be about them at all, just about a woman in love with a man named Samson (an apparently balding man).

I was lucky to pick up the cd at Half Price Books this weekend. ^_^

I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan -- in fact I barely know any of her songs, I've mostly heard about her than heard her sing -- but I listened to some stuff Friday and decided I like this song:

It's just an electronic pop song, nothing fancy, but it plays with Biblical and Catholic imagery (the video especially). It's not really about Judas of the Bible, it's about being in love with a bad boy, who may or may not be named Judas. But it has, of course, made a lot of Catholics angry.

But it struck me that it shares some things in common with Regina Spektor's Samson in that respect. ^_^ Although Sampson is a beautiful, well-written song, and not exactly blasphemous per se... and Gaga's song is, you know, basically Madanna done 30 years later, and done to shock and make money.

I decided they should be on some sort of playlist together. Maybe with the following songs:

Madonna: Like A Prayer

Depeche Mode: Your Own Personal Jesus

After those songs I'm less certain what else I'd want to add. But possibly:

Sisters of Mercy: This Corrosion

Shriekback: Nemesis

Lords of the New Church: Dance With Me

Although none of those songs are as directly blasphemous or as directly linked to Christian imagery, so I dunno...
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