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Today I got a new computer at work. The old one I'd had for maybe 8 years or more, it was very old, but they aren't going to get rid of it. It will probably become a login computer at one of the terminals.

But the new one required a migration of my e-mail from Win XP to Win 7, which confused us because I'd never done it and my boss wasn't familiar with Thunderbird. Only a couple of us use it at work, but the advantage is my e-mail doesn't suddenly lock up when there are too many messages. That's happened to at least three of my coworkers who use Outlook.

Anyway, what with playing with my computer to get it working right, I skipped my lunch. But that was a good thing in the end because the day before I'd bought a lot of veggies and some meat with the idea of doing a hot pot again, so I had a good dinner. It's cold, the perfect time of the year for that sort of thing. As before, I used my electric heating pad and my bowl (I forget what the name for those are) and waaaay too many sauces: jack daniels mustard, hot Chinese mustard, horseradish wasabi, buffalo tabasco sauce, garlic jalapeno hot sauce, worchestershire, soy, sirracha (rooster) hot sauce, and one or two others. Also some ranch dressing for the veggies that I didn't actually cook. Veggies were: carrots, celery, brocolli, cauliflower, green beans, snow peas, a small red potato, ginger, a couple of mushrooms... I think that was it.

I watched X-Men (the first movie) while I ate. Before that I watched the final episode of Genshiken vol 2, which I've been watching off an on recently. It made me depressed because they really botched the second series, producing extended sequences that weren't in the manga and thereby failing to actually complete the storyline as it plays out in the manga. You never find out why Oguie has such a visceral love/hate relationship with otaku, or how she and Sasahara eventually get together, or how he critiques her manga story and helps her rewrite it and get it accepted by a publisher... or how Ohno's American friends return... all of that gets ignored because they end too soon, which the wouldn't have had to do if they hadn't wasted episodes doing stuff that really wasn't in the manga.

But anyway! I've been in a mood to buy Captain America or Thor, neitherof which I've seen yet, but it's Christmas so I don't want to spend the money so I just watched X-Men instead. It's been a long time since I saw that, and it's so very well done. Well, Charles Xavier and Magneto are awesome, and most of the rest of the movie is good. But that just puts me in the mood to go buy X-Men First Class and watch that again. Ugh. Well, I have X-Men II and III to watch later... I've still never seen III. And I think there's a Wolverine movie too, I don't even have that one.

And then I guess I could watch Iron Man again. I'm in a superhero movie mood.

The treadmill at the exercise center is still broken. They won't replace it until January at least, but there's an elliptical and a stationary bike. Bleah, I don't like those as much.

I finished Usagi Yojimbo over the weekend, all 25+ volumes. That made me sad, I want to read more. But I remembered that I hadn't reread Space Usagi, so I read that too. Very fun stuff! I wish he could do more of that as well. There are some obvious riffs on Star Wars, which is after all just samurai in a space opera, and in the second half there are some obvious riffs on Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, with a world of giant bugs and Usagi with a personal flyer similar to Nausicaa's. I can't complain about mixing Usagi with Star Wars and Nausicaa, those are three things I love.

Speaking of which... I should probably read Nausicaa again.
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