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I haven't posted to Livejournal in nearly a year. Really, I haven't been very motivated to post what's going on in my life because back when I did that sort of thing, it was to keep up on friends. Most of my friends keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter these days and rarely used Livejournal (if at all). I've vowed to never have a Facebook account, I'm not going to change my mind on that one, but I have a twitter account @mintrainbow1 I use that to keep up with friends a bit, it's not really good for much else. I have an iPad now though, Twitter makes more sense if you access it via iPad or iPod or iPhone/other handheld device.

I miss having a forum to say things longer than three sentences though. I've been addicted to the game City of Heroes for so long, it's interfered with my writing, but the game closed down at the end of November. When the announcement came in September I wanted to write a journal about my last three months in the game, and I wanted to keep it somewhere offsite from the official forums which also disappeared Nov 30th, and I realized that I had a blogspot blog because of my Google account.

So my gaming journal can be found at http://postalvalhalla.blogspot.com/ I have a few things left to post there, but with the game ended the purpose of the journal is drawing to a close.

But Google/Blogspot allows you to create multiple blogs, which is pretty neat. I like the setup better than Livejournal or Dreamwidth. It's more like a real blog -- it doesn't have the social/community angle thawt Livejournal does, but if I just want to write something and post it, it's perfect, and I get a unique url for what each blog. The one above uses my old website address, postalvalhalla and so today I created a second blog using my even older website address, maisonbellchan.

New blog, which will be about my writing, is at: http://maisonbellchan.blogspot.com/ My first post is a recount of what I managed during November's NaNoWriMo. Right now I'm focused on a series of stories about a hero called Grandpa Anarchy, but I plan to eventually get back to work on my Ranma 1/2 story Girls School, and work on some Tai-Pan stories. If I can keep from getting addicted to any new MMOs.
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