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Birthdate:Jul 7
Location:Auburn, Washington, United States of America
Mark Davis lives ten minutes from work and a long ways from most of his friends. He used to work 4pm until Midnight and had no social life as a result, but now he works 6:30am to 3pm and he doesn't really have an excuse for having no social life. After work he gets in some exercise and then logs in to City of Heroes or maybe Second Life or once in a while manages to actually write some fiction. Or maybe he just watches anime/movies. Or, even more likely, he orders new music from Amazon or Ebay, even though he already owns more music than he can possibly ever listen to.

Mark writes for the Tales of The Tai-Pan fanzine. Mark also sometimes publishes anime fan fiction at, and on his web page that he never updates anymore. And sometimes he publishes other stuff under an assumed name, but that's so nosy people like you can't trace it back to him. ^_^ (Yes, he writes things even more embarrassing than anime fan fiction!)

Today Mark thinks you should listen to Laura Veirs.
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