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I downloaded the song Samson by Regina Spektor a few weeks ago. I've been addicted to it since. It reminds me a lot of the kind of stuff Tori Amos did on Little Earthquakes.

The song plays with the Biblical story of Samson and Delila, but actually doesn't seem to be about them at all, just about a woman in love with a man named Samson (an apparently balding man).

I was lucky to pick up the cd at Half Price Books this weekend. ^_^

I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan -- in fact I barely know any of her songs, I've mostly heard about her than heard her sing -- but I listened to some stuff Friday and decided I like this song:

It's just an electronic pop song, nothing fancy, but it plays with Biblical and Catholic imagery (the video especially). It's not really about Judas of the Bible, it's about being in love with a bad boy, who may or may not be named Judas. But it has, of course, made a lot of Catholics angry.

But it struck me that it shares some things in common with Regina Spektor's Samson in that respect. ^_^ Although Sampson is a beautiful, well-written song, and not exactly blasphemous per se... and Gaga's song is, you know, basically Madanna done 30 years later, and done to shock and make money.

I decided they should be on some sort of playlist together. Maybe with the following songs:

Madonna: Like A Prayer

Depeche Mode: Your Own Personal Jesus

After those songs I'm less certain what else I'd want to add. But possibly:

Sisters of Mercy: This Corrosion

Shriekback: Nemesis

Lords of the New Church: Dance With Me

Although none of those songs are as directly blasphemous or as directly linked to Christian imagery, so I dunno...
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I gave up on my idea of making a playlist of guys who really sound like girls. There's only two I could come up with, Jeff Hanson and Joel Thibodeau of Death Vessel. Oh, I found a lot of artists that people say sing like girls, but they don't. Guys singing falsetto sound like guys singing falsetto, pretty much. It doeesn't matter if it's the Bee Gees or the singer in Placebo or Justin Hawkins of The Darkness or Justin Timberlake or some 11-year old hearthrob pop star -- they might sing high, but they only sound like female singers if you aren't paying attention. Whereas Jeff and Joel have voices that can be described as sopranos.

Anyway, I lent some music to [livejournal.com profile] amoveodivus, and I was trying to describe what kind of a voice Joanna Newsom has. I probably overdid it a bit, but she has a voice that some people can't listen to. I'd forgotten that Sky is a huge fan of Tom Waits. Weird voices don't bother him at all -- in fact he usually likes them.

So... I decided to make a playlist of "Great Voices". As in, singers I like that many people might claim have no singing voice (or at least, a very odd voice). ^_^ Here's some of what I put on my list:

Joanna Newsom - -Sawdust and Diamonds
Joanna Newsom -- Sprout and Bean
Tom Waits -- Chocolate Jesus
Tom Waits -- Rain Dogs
Bob Dylan - Isis
Bob Dylan -- As I Went Out One Morning
The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays
The Boomtown Rats (Bob Geldof) - Wind Chill Factor Minus Zero
Bjork - Bachelorette
The Pogues (Sean MacGowan) - The Sunny Side of the Street
Patti Smith - Ghost Dance
Blind Willie Johnson -- Motherless Children Have A Hard Time
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
Mike Ness (of Social Distortion) - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Marianna Faithful - Hold On, Hold On

(Good, but not half as awesome as Neko Case's original version). But Neko has an amazing voice.
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The odds of me actually listening to my iPod at any point during Norwescon weekend for more than a couple of songs are remote, and yet I feel compelled to create a Norwescon playlist for my iPod.

(I also want to make a mix cd for my friends even though few people listen to cds these days... eh, I may make a few anyway.)

But I'm trying to decide what songs best fit on a Norwescon mix. For this I think I should avoid adding a lot of new music that I've fallen in love with recently, and instead add songs that are more familiar and that fall into one of several categories:

Party Songs: Norwescon is a big party, and any music that gets me in the mood goes first on the list. This might include stuff that reminds me of past Norwescons or conventions in general, or just songs with a lot of energy and attitude. So far I have: Ace of Spades by Motorhead, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, Rasputin (either by Boney M or the newer version by Turisias), Less Talk More Rokk by Freezepop, Back In Black by AC/DC, possibly Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses, Vaccination Scar by the Tragically Hip (any of my favorite uptempo Hip songs would do), Lithium Flower by Yoko Kanno, Come Along by Yat-Kha, Bumble Bee by the Casual Dots, Lullaby by Tamiya Terashima (anime song from... eh, I forget) and two songs that I'm not sure belong, All Because of You by U2 (but I do want a U2 song in there, maybe Vertigo?) and Refugee by Melissa Etheridge (which really falls into the category of songs I've been listening to recently, not necessarily a party song).

Science Fiction/Fandom Songs: Any song that relates to a sci fi theme or science fiction fandom. Note that this could include some filk but I want to use songs I actually like. ^_^ Right now I have: Firefly Main Theme, It Is Pitch Dark by MC Frontalot, Hassle: The Dorkening by MC Frontalot, What We Need More of Is Science by MC Hawking, Star Wars by Moosebutter, Obey the Moderator by Optimus Prime, Fett's Vette by MC Chris.

Fantasy Songs: I have songs on a range of fantasy themes. Werewolf Songs: Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio, You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf, and New Wolf by The Comas. Vampire Songs: Fight for Deliverance by Heavenly. Songs about Magic, Mythic Gods & Shamanism: Shaman by Amorphis, Spirit of the Forest by Korpiklaani, The Hammer of Thor by Tyr. Pirates: Captain Ward by Tempest. High Fantasy: Key of Twilight by Yuki Kajiura. Another Awful Hobb's Tale by Elvenking, Land of Olden Glory by Wuthering Heights, House of Heroes by Battlelore (Tolkien metal). Zombie Songs: Dawn of the Dead by Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Do the Bruce Campbell by MC Lars, YT Cracker, Zealous1 and Schaffer the Darklord. Also two other fantasy-related story-songs: The Tin Man by Schaffer the Darklord (Oz) and The Beekeeper by Tori Amos (a song about a deal with Death I think).

Other songs on the list at the moment: Summerland by King's X, Illuminating by the Gathering, Earthquake at Versailles by the Changelings, Tear Me Down by Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Locomotive Breath by Styx, Heart of a Girl by Jesse Dangerously, Who Walks In When I Walk Out? by Hazmat Modine.

Interspersed between all of these songs are movie soundclips from Big Trouble in Little China, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Army of Darkness, The Incredibles, This is Spinal Tap and Star Trek (Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock). Also quotes from Marvin the Martian. I spent almost 2 hours last night importing some of these into iTunes and organizing all of my movie soundclips -- they are wav files and import with no information except the file name, which might be something like "btlcsob" for a file where Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China says, "Son of a Bitch Must Pay". So I went through and listened to each sound file, gave it a full song title that told me what the quote was, listed "Movie Soundclips" as the artist and listed the movie it came from as the Album. Now they're all organized so that I can look them up easily and know what each one is.

Of course, if I ever have to reinstall iTunes on that computer again I'll have to start all over. :p


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