Jun. 1st, 2011

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On Sunday I decided to make a new attempt at doing a "hot pot" meal. I had a hot plate that I'd bought at Fry's several weeks earlier. I drove up to Uwajamaya in Renton and found a good clay donabe (Japanese pot for hot pot cooking). It was only about $24.00. I also picked up a couple more of the small cheap sauce bowls for a couple of bucks each.

I already had most of the other stuff purchased. After working out I set up my pot and hot plate and chopped up the vegetables and meat. This time around I had the meat frozen and then thawed it slightly by running it under warm water, then sliced it into relatively thin slices. This worked well. My vegetables were red potato, carrot, green beans, baby portabella mushrooms, some shitake mushrooms, and some Chinese cabbage. Oh, and large leeks.

Unfortunately once i was all ready, I realized that my hot plate was doing nothing. After trying it in several outlets I realized that it simply didn't work at all. I bought it only a few weeks ago, but I'd already tossed the reciept, which upset me a bit. Ultimately, though, it only cost $24.00.

I did my hot pot on the stove again. :/ I watched the movie The Tale of Despereaux which I'd borrowed from Tom. My only other problem was that I went overboard on the sauces -- I had Chinese hot mustard, hoisin sauce, black bean sauce, barbeque sauce, sesame oil, Lea & Perrin's worchestershire sauce, wasabi horseradish sauce, Siracha hot sauce (rooster sauce), Jack Daniels hot mustard, Merlina's habanero mustard, and Tobasco buffalo sauce. So I had too many sauces, too many of them were spicy, and I only had nine of the small sauce bowls including a cheap plastic one with a burn mark in the center. Also, I discovered that after all of my preparations, the one thing I failed to pick up was any soy sauce. :/

Monday Tom and I got together and among other things we hit Fry's, where I bought a new hot plate. My plan is to return the other one for credit using the reciept from the second. ^_^ We also visited Uwajamaya's in downtown Seattle, where I bought four more small sauce bowls with a pretty cool flower pattern and also some soy sauce. ^_^ (We also hit a bunch of places that only Tom really wanted to go -- two fabric stores, a hardware store, etc.)

So last night, since I still had a lot of the vegetables left over and needed to use them, I did a hot pot dinner again. This time I only set out four sauces using my new bowls, and I used the hot plate so that I could cook and eat while I watched my movie (which was Over the Hedge). Worked very well. ^_^


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