Jul. 3rd, 2011

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"Aha! This confirms Thippersby's Principle of Foggy Time," cried King Oz. "It says that whenever there are too many time anomalies in the same space, a mist forms."

"Where does the mist come from?" asked Ozma.

"According to Thippersby, it comes from the cracks in the Ozziverse."

"I see," said Ozma doubtfully.

"I don't know how you can," remarked her Parrot-Ox. "I can't see a thing, myself."

It was true. the fog had become even thicker than it had been underneath Absurd City.

"Why is it so thick this time?" asked Ozma.

"According to Thippersby--" King Oz began again.

"Then there actually is a Thippersby?" asked Ozma.

"Not that I know of," said King Oz. "It's possible, I suppose."

"Then how can you know what he believes?"

"I don't. I just know what his Principle states," explained King Oz.

"But what makes you think Thippersby has a Principle? You're not even sure he exists," Ozma objected.

"And Thippersby, most probably, isn't sure that I exist," King Oz responded.

"But he isn't calling his theories King Oz's Principle," said Ozma.

"How do you know?" asked King Oz. "Have you met him?"

"Of course not," said Ozma.

"Then who's claiming to know what Thippersby does now?"

"The point is--" Ozma paused. She had forgotten the point. Talking to King Oz was becoming more confusing than talking with Tempus.

"Ozma's Point Regarding Foggy Time," interjected her Tempus, "is that most of the time anomalies originate from you, King Oz. Therefore, having both you and the hourglass that you were transformed into in the same room must be creating twice as much mist."

"That wasn't exactlyh my point," said Ozma, "though it answers my question, I guess."

"No, it was my point," explained Tempus. "I just called it your point."

"That was amazing," cried King Oz, "I have never seen a time event like that, and I can assure you I've seen a lot of time events. I have developed a new theory as a result. I call it Thirkleby's Explanation of Ozziversal Time-Related Phenomena."

"and what is the explanation?" asked Ozma.

"Get a lot of time stuff together in one place, and --kaboom!" King Oz told her.

~ Paradox in Oz, by Edward Einhorn


miko2: Ranma disguised as a schoolgirl to fool Ryoga (Default)

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